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8"x 8" Square 3D Floral Resin Wedding Bouquet Preservation Modern Fried Flowers Square Save Your Gift Keepsake

8"x 8" Square 3D Floral Resin Wedding Bouquet Preservation Modern Fried Flowers Square Save Your Gift Keepsake

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I have spoken to Christie and my dates are available

Your bridal bouquet is the thing you were holding in your hand during the most romantic moment of your life. Don’t wake up the next day and let all of the details of the best day of your life vanish into memories… keep them forever! Send us your wedding flowers and we will place place them in a stunning time capsule keepsake for you to admire and display forever.

This is a commission to custom create a resin flower preservation using your wedding flowers.  Before buying this listing please confirm that you have reserved your space for your wedding dates with our studio.  

How does it all work?  Once you decide you would like to preserve your wedding flowers and before you place this order, message me to confirm that your wedding dates are available. Once that is determined, you can place the order for your pieces. 
Once everything is all booked in, I will send you the information you will need to properly ship your flowers to me the day after your wedding. I will show you how to pack the flowers to maintain as much freshness as possible. The sooner you are able to get the flowers to me the better. We require over-night or two day delivery. The piece will look its best when your flowers are in good condition. 

What does drying and preserving flowers in resin entail?
1.When I receive your flowers I will cut the stems and place them in water to “revive” them after their journey. After this step I will dry all of the flowers in their 3D glory by placing them in silica gel. I don’t use the microwave which is a lot quicker because I don’t want to risk burning or discolouring the flowers. I will let them dry naturally over the next week or two.
2. Once they are fully dry I will chose the best flowers and design a good layout for the blooms and greenery.
3. I then pour each layer 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch letting each layer cure fully before adding the next one. This ensures that the resin doesn’t burn and damage the flowers. Some pieces can as much as 10 layers. The piece will cure for 48 hours and is then removed from the custom made molds.
4. We will then sand all of the edges and surfaces that might need it. This step involves using a variety of 4 different sanding grits.
5. Finally we will pour a final top coat to give it a shiny glossy finish.
6. We will send you a photo of the final finished product if you would like and once the top coat is dry we will package the piece and send it your way for your everlasting adoration.
In total the process will take about 2 months.

-The add-on items are only available as add-on options to the main items
-There is a minimum $449 purchase




Add Ons:
3x3x3 cube: $199
4x4x4 cube: $249
ring holder small: $35
ring holder large: $55
Jewelry tray: $65
coasters each: $34.                                                                                                                wine stopper: $34                                                                                                                  set of 3 tealight holders: $149/set of 3.                                                                        hanging plaque: $59/each.                                                                                            mounted bracket for hanging on wall: $29/bracket

*Some important notes:
-All flowers dry slightly differently (reds dry darker, some pinks dry darker or lighter, whites dry ivory and may become more translucent)
-If your flowers were damaged prior to drying them, some lighter flowers may have translucent spots on them. This is simply petal bruising and something that cannot be avoided.
-While I do my best to provide shipping instructions, flowers may begin to wilt during shipping. I always choose the best flowers available from your bouquet.
-Although I do my best to avoid it, small imperfections like bubbles may occur in the artwork.
-Epoxy resin may change color slightly over time due to sun exposure, so be sure to keep your preservation out of direct sunlight. After care instructions will be provided.
-We also work with previously dried and silk flowers, just send us a message for more info
-Don’t trust an amateur to dry and cast the flowers from your most precious day. This process is a learned skill and requires many trials and errors prior to getting it right. Your wedding flowers are too important to ruin
-Good job! You read it all from top to bottom! Thank you and we hope to hear from you to reserve your dates.

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