Most Brides Would Agree This Was The Worst Part of Their Wedding…

Most Brides Would Agree This Was The Worst Part of Their Wedding…

You’ve planned, coordinated, scheduled and refined every last detail of the most romantic day of your life.  Everything is perfect.  You’re surrounded by people who love you at a place dear to your heart.  From the ceremony to the reception, everything looks as beautiful as you could have ever imagined.  You chose your favourite wedding flowers to adorn your venue and yourself.  When you first see them you don’t believe the artistry involved in putting it all together in a living art installation.  All for you!

You will carry your bridal bouquet with you all day.  It will be there in your hand at the exact moment you exchange lifelong vows.  It’ll be in your photos, it will be there when you visit with your loved ones you haven’t seen in ages.  By the end of the day, it might even feel like an extension of yourself.

As the night winds down, you reflect on how perfectly everything came together and realize you’re the luckiest girl in the world.  Then comes the next morning…. As much as I hate to be a wet blanket on such a beautiful event… most brides will say they suffered from some form of “morning after blues” when their wedding was over.  With all of the excitement and anticipation of being the centre of attention, it’s sometimes a difficult pill to swallow to realize the celebration is all over.  

You’ve opened your wedding gifts, your friends have gone home and on top of that, your beautiful wedding flowers are starting to wilt and die.  What could be worse? Imagine if there was a way to preserve those flowers forever in a beautiful resin art piece?  Modern floral bouquet preservation involves a new-age drying process that preserves your flowers in their original 3D shape and colour.  Once the flowers are fully dried, they are then frozen in time in a resin art piece that is meticulously poured layer by layer.  It’s the newest bridal must have and it’s a perfect way to make that wedding excitement and joy last.  

The day after your wedding you will overnight ship your fresh bouquet to the FloFlo Flowery studio location in Kauai Hawaii.  5 weeks later once your flowers have been cast in the resin shape of your chose, we will ship your art piece back to you.  Your beautiful bouquet is preserved forever in a wedding keepsake.  Don’t spend your hard earned money on something so beautiful just to let it die.  Check out for more details and pricing on your floral bouquet preservation and turn the worst part of your wedding into an exiting new adventure in art.

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